Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Reinbeers Are Coming!!!

The Reinbeers Are Coming!!!
Yesterday, my mother-in-law, Jane started pulling out the supplies to kick the Christmas Crafting Extravaganza into 1st Gear. She spent a large chunk of the day glueing down the patterns on the aluminum we have stored and sorted from all different types of cans.

Last year we tested out a couple of different ideas for ornaments and I will "pull back the curtain" and admit defeat with all the other styles we tested out.  After putting in a lot of time into products that didn't sell... A creative risk if you will- Kev and I have decided to see how this Christmas goes with putting more focus into them rather than some less profitable items.

I am okay with these cute little guys being the only Holiday "staple" we will be carrying this Christmas season.  All of our great products are good for gifts and make awesome Holiday purchases already- worst case scenario next year when I am feeling better we can make a wider range of Holiday items available.

I am really excited to have had this year to plan and gather cans for their bodies.  We ended up getting a ton of different beers and sodas after seeing what people radiated to.  PBR is always going to be a hot item- but I am scared that we have had fun collecting so many different types that are unique and may not be everyone's "beer of choice".  We will be selling Assorted 6-Packs that will have all kinds of varieties for the Beer Lover in your life :)

When we got the questions for certain types and flavors we don't personally don't drink we made sure to collect those items whenever possible.  We got requests for Coke (Which some how we both completely overlooked the fact that their are people who do full out Coke themed decorations!) Then the Miller, Coors, Budweiser questions...  We have been collecting them when our friends have them- (Memorial Day BBQ's are where its at!!!) BUT, neither I nor Kevin are changing our tastes for this endeavor.  I have lucked out and gotten a steady supply of Budweiser from a neighbor, but I however am a big supporter of craft and independent brewers and go for other choices.  Watch Beer Wars and you'll see why-
      The hopes is we will still have a great selection of all kinds of beer and soda varieties for Holiday 2010's batch without losing a sale to a "Big Beer Enthusiast"

I think an added point of interest come this Holiday season is to see the number of cans our household uses across the year.  We won't have a fully accurate count due to collecting a small amount from others, as well as recycling some types we had a ton of.  We sold more than expected of Diet Ginger Ale last Christmas- but I thought recycling down the large quantities of diet soda would keep production time focused where need be.

If there is a flavor or type you'd like to suggest for our "Must Have" list feel free to leave a comment.  

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