Thursday, October 7, 2010

State Cards

Today I have been working on some new states to add to our State Card Series of Stationery.  So far available is CA, NC, NY, TX and on the list available for purchase by Christmas is IN,GA, MA,VA, OH, IL, ME, PA, and WA.  I think for the most part these will be the staples and we can do custom orders for the other states.  For instance I am sure I will make a set for my friend in Laramie, Wyoming studying for her PHD, but it wouldn't be a #1 seller so it probably won't get listed right away on Etsy...

Here are the new ones for Dallas, Texas.  I actually was able to get a good "Dallas South" Map to utilize as the envelopes.  This time I decided to do the back logo stamp in turquoise- I love turquoise!

Back to making envelopes... These will be posted to Etsy tomorrow :)

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