Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holiday Show Applications

We've been busy enjoying visits from our Family.  My Dad came while I had my surgery and then Kevin's mom has been here until tomorrow.  Between all the excitement of seeing them and doing all of my Physical Therapy exercises suddenly the days have past...

One thing we can't over look in these busy times is the importance of Holiday Sales in relation to becoming a strong small arts & crafts business.  This is not only the best time for sales, but also the exposure in getting the word out at all of these events is an absolute must. The Holiday Show Applications periods are almost wrapped- up and we look forward to reporting back on our Holiday Schedule as soon as we get results :)

Here is a quick collage I sent out with some of the applications I thought might be nice to share on the blog too.  It has a range of most of our "staples" you can check out even more great products on our Flickr Photostream.

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