Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TABS (Fully Functional NOW)

I am happy to announce that the TABS (Pages across the top of this blog) are Fully Functional now!!! 

  • "Make" section you can refer back to past How-Tos and navigate projects to make on your own. 
  • "Shop" will direct you to Etsy and information about events. 
  • "Live" has our calendar and schedule. 
  • "Follow Us" is pretty much links for Twitter and Facebook. 
  • "Green It & Mean It" has a short description on our hopes to inspire others to make a difference in your daily life.
  • "The Crew" is a bio page.
  • "Behind the Scenes" is the one page that will slowly evolve because it is about stuff we keep ourselves busy with and love doing.
  • "*WISH LIST*" is a list of items we need regularly and items we collect to recycle.
Now that the sections have new content  and references, I hope it will make finding essential information about what we are up to at Make Shop Live super helpful to refer to!

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