Friday, September 21, 2012

What I Wore: Friday / Instagram Friday! 9/21/12

WOWZAS!!! It's Friday already?!?

I scored this sweet shirt from Craftsy while at the Craftcation Conference. Craftsy is a site for online craft classes from the best instructors from around the world. I have had the pleasure to meet a handful of the instructors while at Craftcation but haven't had the opportunity to take a class for myself yet.  I would really love to try out one of the crochet classes since that is one crafting technique I am absolutely horrid at. The goodies like this shirt are reason enough to hit up the conference, but seriously shirts aside - the conference is a super great place to learn from, and with amazing craft business leaders.  Don't miss the fun, check out the details and get your tickets here.

I haven't taken a ton of pictures on my Instagram this week but here are the highlights-

Sharon and I traveled down to The OC Mart Mix on Monday to see some of our CRAFTED Friends and their pop-up shop:
Always a fan of Grace's Boozey Treats! You can find her at CRAFTED Market Stall #A162

The lovely ladies of Hammer + Stitch can be found across the way in market stall #A153

My kitty stopped tearing up the house long enough to cuddle with Kevin...

Such a scoundrel!!! She knows just how to butter him up & make him forget how big of a terror  to our carpet she has been!

I celebrated National Cheeseburger Day on Tuesday at Father's Office:
I don't really indulge in meat, especially burgers. But if I do have a burger this is my favorite spot in LA to hit up!

The big excitement for the week is yesterday Kevin and I had a late breakfast at our favorite spot in Culver City and Adam Sandler was a table over!! No pictures because I didn't want to be a total creeper - but I still always geek out over celebrities.  Definitely love the perks of living in a city with Celeb spotting ;)

We might be a bit late to our store at CRAFTED tomorrow thanks to a massive yard sale event in Santa Monica - After the sale, if you are free this weekend you should come down to #A200 at CRAFTED and say hi!


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