Monday, September 24, 2012

Caine's Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge

We have covered Caine's Arcade before when Unique LA featured him last Spring Show.  If you haven't already seen the video that changed a young boy and a community, watch it now and read on!

Director Nirvan and Caine
Recently, a Caine's Arcade 2 video came online last week by the organization known as Imagination Foundation.  These are the people responsible for the flash mob and public awareness of Caine's awesome Cardboard Arcade.  On the 1 year anniversary of that event, on Oct. 6th, there is the Global Cardboard Challenge inviting the world to play while raising funds to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.

You can organize your own Cardboard game with instructions and material ideas here.

To find the nearest organized Cardboard game search here!

Make.Shop.Live. will be attending a local event on Oct. 6th too!  We love to see a grass roots movement of reuse and imagination in the young community.  Join us!  We wish the Imagination Foundation all the best.

Make.Shop.Live. Staff

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