Friday, September 14, 2012

What I Wore: Friday / Instagram Friday! 9/14/12

Hi'ya Friends!
Here is the cute outfit I wore toady :) You may remember it from this 2nd-hand shopping excursion post here.

Here are the Instagram photos I liked this week:

I fell in love with this ring last weekend at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles.  Wanna see more about the designer as well as the rings on my right hand, check out this jewelry post here.

What's even yummier than the picture of these jellies by Paradise Preserves?!? Hearing about the farmers these ladies get their delicious produce from.  More details on their mission to maintain the 'locavore' ideal in regards to food cultivation and consumption found here.

We got some new additions both at home and in the shop :) I am super excited to figure out how to put our new furniture to best use.  Already I feel a big difference at home with this new "Atomic" couch. Best part of this eco-concious couch - it is handmade in North Carolina.  Gotta love my great home state and their amazing roots in traditional furniture making.  Double Bonus: Way more comfortable than the one we donated to the Salvation Army!

Some new displays are housing items at the Port now :) The picture above was taken of 1 of 3 shelves that will be at the entrance way of our shop this past Wednesday. No there is more additions from the picture shown.... we have 2 shelves in and one more to come tomorrow.  Come down to CRAFTED to check it out, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @makeshoplive to see us nest in our booth.

These shelves make our record accessory stands look super awesome!
What does one get after 3 Double Dates and some cases of beer you might ask?
A Millennium Falcon out of Legos!!!
 Day 1:
Day 2:

Day 3:
We had a blast going over to our pals Matt & Leah's apartment to build the Millennium Falcon kit. I really love playing with the Legos! This my first time playing with the kits and while they are a bit pricey they are totally worth it.

Speaking of toys -

Also, this weekend you can get a first look at artist Joyce Dallal, and her exhibit Receptacle at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles. Her work looks pretty amazing online but its even better in person!

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have a super weekend!!!!


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