Monday, September 10, 2012

Rings, Rings, & Rings! Mistymoto Designs, Les Beaux Metaux, Fruition Jewelry

I am overjoyed with the artists I have met at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles and I wanted to share a peek at some of my recent purchases since I am running out of fingers.

Just around the corner from me is a booth featuring Mitsymoto Designs and Object Mfg. Co. I really love both of their work and I have become obsessed with Lauren of Mitsymoto Designs jewelry. Here are some awesome shots of what Lauren is up to:

She is super talented and has a really wonderful aesthetic. Their stall is mixed with vintage pieces, nostalgic figurines, skeletons, and more cool things than your brain can decipher from a glance. I could spend hours asking her about all her wonderful displays and the techniques she uses for her products. I am so uninformed about what all the great metalsmiths I am posting about today are up to technique wise...
One thing I do know is that I like them and that they are all badass. Oh, and that I sure enough can't do what they do.  I at least know that much for sure.

Want a virtual snap shot of the fun?
All kinds of things to explore!

I think she is rad, and this ring I purchased (on index finger) looks pretty great with my ring from Fruition (on ring finger).

Raychel's ring was the first one fueling my addiction.

Fruition is a curated booth and you can find a mix of her stellar jewelry as well as wall art, pottery, and plush art.

My latest love was found yesterday at Les Beaux Metaux.
Yeah, once I put it on it was over! I really love the texture on both the band and the stone and just had to have it.  It pairs so great with all my other rings too it was a must!

Her shop is just across from Lauren in Mitsymoto Designs. Here are some pictures of her market stall:

Kristen turned me on to this artists beads made out of bottle caps that she has below:
It is a total game changer knowing that these beads are a thing!!! They are kinda pricey to have made so I might not be turning all my bottle caps into beads anytime soon, but I am really inspired by the fabrication of these suckers.

Well, we are looking forward to a full week of fun ahead of us! Hope you had a stellar weekend and a super awesome week to come :)



  1. Very cool!! Love this post--amazing the stuff you can miss on your first time around the floor--I will have to go back to these booths for a closer look now!

  2. I can't wait until I get some relief in my booth so I can explore over your way too! Now that the marketplace is so full there is a ton of booths I haven't had a chance to check out yet. Hopefully I can shop some this weekend :)


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