Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Years!!!

Sorry for the late post guys, but I have been so wrapped up in anniversary fun mixed with neglected work it seems the day has gotten away from me! I am so happy and excited that today is Kevin and I's 4 Year Anniversary!!!! If you want to see some pictures of our wedding I blogged here all about our big day. 

Kevin and I exchanged presents before he left for work and I must say he out did himself again this year.

He adopted a sweet-faced Barn Owl named Rose for me from The Barn Owl Trust!!!

Here is a peek at all the cool goodies on top of adopting an owl :)

There is a version that comes with a tote and another choice with a plush owlet toy.  I am pretty stoked Kevin added the tote-

If you are interested in adopting an owl for yourself or as a gift the details are here.  If we ever find ourselves in the UK we unfortunately can't check in on the owls - they don't allow visitors since it is a sanctuary for the birds, however they have both a Barncam and Nestcam webcams where you can watch the owls from the comfort of your own home.

We will have dinner later tonight at Red O to officially celebrate our anniversary and I can't wait! I love, love, LOVE Mexican food and I have been dying to eat from Rick Bayless's amazing menu :) YUM!!!

Well, that's enough bragging from my end. Hope you are having a super day too!

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