Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Most Recent Second-Hand Haul

As you probably already know I am a major advocate to buying things second-hand as much as possible. I say as much as possible because you never know when yard sales or Goodwill stores will have exactly what you are looking for at that particular moment. Craigslist and Freecycle can help you find things too, but you may have to drive a bit or wait around to get your items. While to some this may seem like a hassle, never fully knowing what you will find while shopping is actually my favorite part of second-hand shopping. Some things or items you may always be on the hunt for since you collect a certain type of items - like for instance in my case fun fabrics, tea pots, and turquoise or orange glass pieces. Other harder to find items makes the beauty of the hunt so exciting! The major payoff is when you find something you have been wanting AND at a great price :)

We talked about this massive yard sale in Santa Monica last weekend and I thought I would share a few pictures of my new treasures acquired from our excursion:

For my birthday Kevin re sparked my love of analogue cameras with a new film using gem the La Sardina. Now I have turned into one of those camera collectors I thought I had successfully managed to not be... Well, insert new favorite thing to acquire! Here I found two cameras, both in their original packaging for under $10! Score 1 for KC!!! (Note, yes I am aware that film will be difficult - more like impossible for the cameras, but they are still pretty rad!)

Even though I was informed by the gentleman having the yard sale the artist above is a California based, he must have had an infinity for NYC like I do. This taxi cab feels more Big Apple than Hollywood to me and I had to have it for our collection.  We almost have the artwork set in our living room and I am so glad a piece like this has made it into our collection.

Can some one say screen-printing supplies?!? I majorly scored finding a sale with art supplies priced perfect. Some of the containers are even unopened!

And the cherry topper - A new (for us) record player with a new needle and everything!!!! Major score! 

Hope this inspires you to go treasure hunting for yourself!!! We would love to see what cool things you find on Our Facebook page or in the comment section below.


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