Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How-To's Day: Summer Upcycling Refresher

Kevin here,

Make. Shop. Live. has had a hot summer and busy time for crafters and creative types.  We wanted to list some of the hottest How-To's from these past few months to get your creative juices flowing!

Using a variety of extra fabrics and clothes and some strong little magnets, our team completed an assortment of handmade cloth bow ties.  Upcycle those old outfits and learn how now!  

Follow these 4 quick steps to make your own Bookends out of Vinyl LP Records.

Beer and BBQ should have been on your agenda this summer!  Use the leftover packaging and Skewers to settle in for the winter and start your Loom.

Using fresh Lavender flowers and your favorite vodka, mix it up and enjoy a handmade refreshment.

The Upcycling continues every Tuesday.  See you here next week for the How-To's Day Handmade Idea!


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