Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How-To's Day: Record Bookends

Recently we have been getting a lot of interest in our Record Bookends product at our first store in Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.  Here at Make.Shop.Live we always prize process over product.  Sharing tricks and tips to reuse and upcycling materials is responsible and fun!  Follow these steps below to make your own Bookends out of Vinyl LP Records. 

  • Old Vinyl LP Records (preferably ones with music that will never come back in style -We prefer using one's that will no longer play without skipping )
  • Heat gun/blow tool (~$40 found at most craft & hobby stores)
  • Flat counter or table
Step 1:
Pick how much you want the height by overhanging the record on a flat surface.  Mark with a piece of tape to keep the height consistent.

Step 2:
Move the heat tool over the hanging edge alternating the focus between the far sides.  As the sides become soft, move the focus toward the edge's center and gravity will do the rest.

Step 3:
The record will cool quickly.

Note: You can use a heavy book to hold the right angle steady for a few seconds.

Step 4:
Enjoy the bookend and your book!

Thanks for tuning in for the tutorial ;)
--Kevin Sears

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