Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How-To's Day: Paper Favor Wrappers

For today's How-to's day tutorial I will be showing off a quick way to make surprise favors or small treats hiding in a paper wrapper. 

This is fun and exciting way to package miscellaneous small items in a sunrise grab bag. It can be used as a thank you to your Etsy customers, a themed surprise for a wedding or party, or just a great way to give-a-way small items.  This is a great project for upcycling old paper or starched/ stiff fabric and if you have some lying around now is the time to try this out.

For the larger size I used a piece of paper that was 8" X 8" 

and the smaller size is 4" X 4" 

First step is to glue the paper into a tube.  Once you have the tube glued and it is dry you can stitch the end to get it ready to fill with treasures. "Folding" the edge so that the glued seam is in the middle, straight stitch across the bottom to hold the tube shut.  Now you can fill it with whatever trinkets and fun things that fit inside :)
To finish the paper tube and close everything up you "twist" the end of the tube to close it perpendicular from the first closure.  By stitching the end the opposite way the tube will have a 3-D shape that cradles the objects inside giving it some form of its own rather than a flat package.

Here is a round-up of some other packaging ideas that may also be up your alley for gifting and favors. Enjoy!


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