Thursday, June 21, 2012

Culver City Expo Line

Yesterday, Sharon and I went just down the block to Washington Street for the new stop on the Culver City Expo line's Grand Opening.

The station is beautiful!!! It is pretty high above ground so it has a fantastic view of the city. It is very easy to get to, and has a fair sized parking lot for park & ride users. Best part however, It felt like we were on the train momentarily and we were already downtown! I would say 20 minutes or less, which definitely beats taking the 10 FWY depending on the time of day you are traveling. It is definitely a perk - having public transportation so close by to downtown Culver City. I am so glad everyone else will get to have the convenience of coming up to my favorite neighborhood on the metro now!!!

Seriously, check it out! You won't be disappointed :)


  1. Such a fun adventure... I hope when we're 80, we still have people shushing us on trains!

  2. That was cray! I think that lady was totally jealous that we both had a friend to enjoy the ride with - she secretly wanted to talk and not ride backwards on the train ;)
    One thing I will have to say is I like how the trains in NYC have two seats back-to-back so there is both forward & backward facing seats to choose from. As well as the side seats... Whatever was eating at that lady made her a total sourpuss.


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