Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CRAFTED - Update on Wall Treatments (Day 2)

Today will be my third day down to San Pedro to work on our market stall walls for our upcoming store at CRAFTED. It has been hard work these past two days and I am very anxious for everything to start coming together. One thing that has taken me the longest is prepping the walls so that I have the best surface for painting. The wood on the walls have knots all over as well as some of the sections of the wood is gashed and gnarled up.  If you paint the wood without filling up these imperfections the dimpling in the walls is very noticeable through the paint unfortunately.
Here is the two main walls. Top: Close-up on texture. Bottom: Covered in wood filler.

I did however complete the staining of the two smaller walls that will be behind the cash wrap yesterday, YAY!
Top: Sanded and prepped walls. Bottom: Wall stained with 1 heavy coat of gel stain.

Today I will only be putting in a half day down at the port so that I can get some neglected work done at home. Beforehand I will celebrate my hard work with Sharon by checking out the unveiling of the *NEW* Expo Line Culver City Station which opens today. All the rides are FREE today in celebration, departing from the Culver City Station beginning at Noon! I'll share news of the fun, and will be tweeting away as we check out the opening. 

Hope y'all have a super day!!!

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