Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unique Finds: Gumball Poodle

It was so serendipitous to shop Unique LA the week before coming out to NYC because Gumball Poodle's socks were a must bring present for my lady friends. The selection of words range from cutesy to full blown hipster-fantastic and while they may not have every word you could ever think of to express yourself on your calf billboards, there is definitely at least one pair that would tickle your fancy in their line up.  See the full collection of socks and colors on their site here.

I have been staying these past few days with my pal, and Brooklyn Bombshells Badass, Alisa, and I just had to bring her these derby socks to add to her roller gear. These "Derby" socks were a perfect present for my derby girl!
Nikki Nightrain modeling her new "Derby" socks

*SHHHHH*  Major spoiler for my evening {I am confident Alessandra (The Bride) won't get a chance to see this before our Bachelorette party tonight} We are going out to an evening of fun that plays off the "Zombie" and "Bride" theme :) I will have to snap a picture of Alessandra in the the "Zombie" as well as the "Bride" socks to show off how she rocks the socks out at the party.

Well, I am off to a full day of wedding fun all starting at Kleinfelds. Can we say heck yes?!?


  1. Awesome to see someone having so much fun with our socks! Thanks for the post! ~ Gumball Poodle

    1. Of course! You make really fun stuff. :)


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