Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unique Find: Christina Tonges Korn

 Amazing paintings from Christina Tonges Korn:

Kevin and I have been curating an accent wall in our living room with art covering the whole wall. We have a loft  upstairs off the living room that houses my studio so the wall is quite substantial. We still have a few spaces left to fill in to make the wall complete - and I am always on the hunt for some artwork to finish up the collection so I can finally show it off! 

The range of subjects in the art vary. We radiate to city life, favorite movies, and I always melt for a good owl.  Long before owls were "the big thing" I have been obsessed with them because my grandma collects owls. There are so many different types of owls that look so different but all of them look wise and inquisitive, which I really like. Well, my obsession with these beautiful creatures may be taking over the theme of the wall some, and Kevin has strongly encouraged no more owls coming home with us.
When this "mama" owl and I locked eyes as I walked past Christina's booth at Unique LA I had to have it!! I begged and bargained with Kevin and was able to secure her a new home with us :) She is so beautiful and the details painted in her is so dimensional that I feel like she could fly right off the wood and into our living room! I am so happy to have met Christina and score this awesome wall art. Maybe next-go-round I will get a coyote or a  cat - she has a wicked awesome desert series.


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