Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet Kevin Sears!

Hello Make Shop Live Community!  I'm the husband part of the business!  That's me below.

the one with facial hair

I'm really excited to start contributing to the blog and website content for Make Shop Live.  First, a little bit about me. 

I make several of the products found in our Etsy store.  The record stands or accessory table stands are forged by me, by hand.  I usually help with all the little things that pop up at Craft shows.  In fact, you might see me at the show table more than KC (she can't help but "contribute to the community" aka "shop").  So, I'll be the one selling you the Upcycled goods!  Of course, I'm the "strong" hands when it comes to moving all the goods physically too.  So weeknights and weekends are Craft time for me!

Full time I am a digital artist working in Santa Monica on film and tv visual effects.  I moved to LA after graduating SCAD in 2007.  KC transitioned from NY to LA in 2008 and we were married later that year.  Since then, the two of us have been building the Make Shop Live store and community!

thanks for meeting me,

Kevin Sears

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