Sunday, April 29, 2012

Donate Your Leftover Fabric: Women of Cooperativa El Nido

Are you doing some spring cleaning and you find yourself wanting to 
put leftover fabric to good use?

photos via Coletterie
I am always looking for ways to put leftover fabric to good use! Colette Patterns has a subscription called Snippets, a newsletter that highlights weekly sewing tips ranging from helpful techniques to outreach with organizations like Cooperativa El Nido who is seeking donations from your leftover fabric scraps. You can check out all of the information on this self-sustaining community of women in the hills of Capira (just outside of Panama City) here

If you’d like to donate your own pieces of fabric, please send all donations to Kathryn, who works with these women in Panama. She has kindly provided a US mailing address for those of us here in the states:
Kathryn Wellemeyer
5542 Silverleaf Court
Haslett, MI 48840
You can also email the cooperative at cooperativaelnido at for any questions.

If you know of any other organizations seeking fabric donations- especially SoCal organizations, please leave some comments so everyone can check those out too.

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