Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gypsy Break

Hi Friends! I thought I would share some funny, mischievous kitty pictures:
I saw some fuzzy little feet sticking out of my bookshelf... Of course she would squeeze herself into that little, inconvenient spot!

I think I am better now, but for the bulk of yesterday I was totally under the weather.  I think my body finally said enough! Denying it of sleep paired with the weather changes has done a number on my sinuses. Then my shoulder + neck pain paired with my mind-melting headache was agonizing. It  really did a number on me :( THANKFULLY the remedy was putting myself on some major medicine + getting some rest with a fluffy beast across my chest.

Funny, Gypsy must be a therapy kitty because I caught her trying to help Kevin get better too-

Now that I am finally feeling like I am bouncing back- THANK GOD! It is time to get geared up for Easter :)  Hopefully poor Kevin won't be feeling bad and will bounce back quickly too.  He started feeling bad this morning just as I started to feel better myself- shucks.

Anyway, more fun to come tomorrow!  

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