Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LEAP DAY!!! Yay!

Hi Y'all! With this extra day of February, today's focus is Leaping into March- R&D for Great Projects and Content!

Lots of fun opportunities have cropped up so quickly into 2012 and I have been trying to figure out some growing pains as things get worked out. I was able to plan ahead and get a ton of things in order when coming to projects and content but now it is time for me to put my thinking cap on and test out some new things to share. 

What does that mean for you- my wonderful readers you ask??? I want to always have inspiring content and substantial posts that don't disappoint as well as stimulating. I just want to let y'all know if there is an absent post, or some delay in posting content it is because I want to only bring the best possible material to you.  In the past I have posted just to post and I feel like that isn't the proper use of my time, not just for me- but also I don't want to waste your time either reading our blog.  I am so honored that we have a steady group of followers (and those who drop by an just check things out too) checking in on what we have to offer and I don't want to insult your time with "fillers".

Also of interest- when a person "has many hats" there are other places you can find us if you are needing a fix.  I am active on Twitter, very- VERY active on Pinterest, and of course there is always Facebook to find what we are up to as well.

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