Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I Wore- Friday 2/17/12 (Joshua Tree Adventures)

 Joshua Tree Adventures
Alisa and I took a quick snap of our outfits before we all hit Joshua Tree National Park and Pioneer Town for a full day of adventure in the Desert.

This post is just a ton of pictures, so click for more posts after the jump if you want to see the full day of fun :) I wanted to put more details in everything- However, posting without details is better than sitting in my draft box.

 Here are some Reference Photos without people-

We stayed at 29 Palms Inn in a little cabin right next to the Creative Center :) Below is how cute the Center is.

Here are my favorite snaps of nature. The Cholla Cactus to the left is my new "Favorite Ombre" and I thought it was super crazy that Alisa's jacket matched the cacti pictured right.

Well, Thanks for looking over our adventure. One tip that we realized over our trip is that the vegetation/ flowers are "best" in April & May if you are scheduling a trip to Joshua Tree. It was still frozen and several paths were closed off due to ice when we went.


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