Saturday, March 3, 2012

What I Wore- Friday 3/2/12

One day, when there is a big office I go into every day- I am going to enjoy Dressy Fridays. I like places that are doing that as an answer to Casual Fridays.  What's wrong with getting dressed up for no better reason than just 'cause?!? 

Here is my Dressy Friday Fun for March:

I love this outfit! It's equal parts dressy and super dance-class chic all wrapped into one. Since it is basically a tank top and leggings covered in a sheer dress it is one of those outfits I just get in the mood for and it wears me.  When I got the dress at Jet Rag it was fully lined and the sleeves were the only part sheer.  By removing the lining and re-working the top of the dress I got this fun shell that I can pair over a relaxed outfit and feel more dressed up than I am :) Plus, I like my secret love these ridiculous sequined shoes. They just make me smile. I could look for just about any reason to wear these suckers out- but I feel they need to be paired in an outfit that lets them shine.  The moment I saw these back in the good 'ol Urban days- I instantly squealed and smiled like a little girl at Christmas!!! Dorky- probably, but I just look down and it makes me want to tap my feet and smile. Its AH-Mazing!!!


You know what else makes me so smiley? Did you know March is National Craft Month??


It gets me as excited as sparkly things; thinking about a month all about crafting!!! Are you doing anything fun for the month? I would love to hear what people are doing to celebrate!  If you don't already get our monthly newsletter you should subscribe to our newsletter here. We won't clog your inbox- I promise! We send out a monthly newsletter and a handful of e-blasts highlighting things we think you'd like to know about. Plus, some discounts and insights for upcoming events! There will be tips for St. Patty's, Easter, Earth Day- So many good things on the horizon! Along with projects to celebrate National Craft Month, so please stay tuned and sign up :)


I have some thing exciting going on tomorrow in Torrance. I will give y'all more details soon when I can, but as for now I will state that I have a craft demo to prepare for and I am really anxious and nervous for tomorrow.  I think it is a stress reaction but it has me all hopped to get stuff done so alas, I must head back to work.


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