Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flowers Forever

Just writing this blog title I am giddy.  How great would it be if flowers could last forever?!? As much as I wish I had a magic green thumb- I am pretty much only good for succulents and cacti.  I always feel rotten getting flowers for the apartment because while they are beautiful and add so much to the great home-y feel, they die sooner than I'd like :( It is all ways a bummer when your flowers are dead and you have to get rid of them.
Just a thought- but before your Valentine's Day Bouquet goes all the way south, why not give them a thorough press so you can enjoy the petals for years to come :)

All you need to press the flowers is a couple of heavy books and either parchment paper, newsprint, or wax paper works too. Take each blossom before they start to die and place the heads between two layers of tissue. Take the paper pouch with the flower all wrapped up and put inside a heavy book. Then stack at least another book on top. 

Wait a couple of days for them to completely dry and out the come-

If you want to keep a full bouquet, the best way to preserve them is to hang them- tie them together at the bottom and hang above a radiator/fire/ Air vent.

Kevin and I have an adventure tomorrow :) If my What I Wore post is late it is because we are making a quick escape from LA. More soon! XOXO, KC

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