Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Local Love- Wrap Up and Pictures

We had such a wonderful time at this past weekend's Local Love show downtown! It is always such a treat to see everyone + the quality of everyone's items makes the shopping fabulous :) It mixes all of my favorites- creating displays, shopping, good people, and great music. 

Thanks to our Pal and PR Guru- Sharon Fain, we had these cute little masks that stopped tons of people dead in their tracks to take a picture at our Table. Kudos for the great masks :)

Here are some pictures of our table at the show:

UNIQUE LA and the State of Unique is so mind-blowing to me! Sonja Rasula the founder has such an amazing vision for her independent design shows as well as the State of Unique Blog.

The State of Unique Blog- which is filled with DAILY content :) is proving to be the hottest online destination for modern, curated, Made in America design! I am just so honored to be a part of her shows and the culture she is not only highlighting but stimulating into existence. What an amazing and talented young lady! Wanna hear this visionary speak + an evening of talk show style events? Check out This is Your Library HERE for more details.

Well, finally off to bed!


  1. It was so great to meet you last weekend! I look forward to seeing you at shows to come :)
    <3 Melissa "Loschy Designs"

    1. Melissa it was such a pleasure spending the weekend with you! I haven't taken off my little kitty necklace since I bought it last weekend ;) I can't wait until the next show/ I see you again!!! <3 XOXO


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