Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How-To's Day: Knit a Dishcloth

One of the first knitting patterns I ever completed as a kid has also turned out to be one of my favorite projects of all time.  Knitted dishcloths are a wonderful project! When weighing in on skill level, time, material, and function, this project is a home run :)  There is a HUGE variety of patterns and types to make, but I am so stuck on the basic pattern I find myself never venturing away from the good 'ol reliable pattern my grandma showed me as a kid.

For the dishcloth you need: 
Cotton yarn (Sugar'n Cream & Peaches'n Cream are the well known kinds) 
Size #7 needles

The pattern is very simple-
1) CO (Cast On) 4 stitches
2) First Row: K (Knit) front and back of 1st stitch then knit to end (5 stitches)
3) Second Row: K front and back of 1st stitch then knit to end (6 stitches)
4) Third Row: K front and back of 1st stitch then knit to end (7 stitches)
5) Fourth Row: K 2 stitches,  on the 3rd stitch K front and back of stitch (4 stitches on Rt. needle). YO (Wrap the yarn over to the front) this way when you knit the next stitch you add another strand {creating what will make a fancy lacy boarder} knit to end (9 stitches) 
6) Fifth Row: K 3, YO, K to the end. 
*Continue the 6th Step directions- gradually increasing the work bigger and bigger until you have:

{25 stitches} for a teeny tiny scrubber perfect for face cleaning and small duties.
{45 stitches} for a regular size washcloth. 
(Note- If you get the normal 3oz. package of yarn you should be able to get 2 of this size in each skein)
{60 stitches} for a JUMBO washcloth.

Once you get the desired amount of stitches you have gotten to the part of the washcloth that takes the longest.  This is one of the main reasons these things get so addictive is now you start decreasing and the finish line comes up in next to no time!

Start Decreasing:
7) Decrease Rows: Knit 2, K2T (Knit 2 Stitches together at once) YO, K2T again, Knit to end
8) Continue directions for decreasing the rows until you have 8 stitches.
9) 8 Stitches Row: K2T for all the stitches (leaving 4 stitches)
10) Cast off
*Tuck in all loose ends and enjoy! 

Yay! These dishcloths clean up messes way better than sponges and you can toss them in the washer and use them for exponentially longer than traditional sink sponges. These cloths save waste and cross contamination from using dirty sponges also. Plus, they make tremendously wonderful gifts for housewarming parties, hostess gifts, and random relatives you want to give something thoughtful to- but aren't sure of what they like :)

I am going to have some ladies over Saturday to show them just how easy these are to make, but you should round up your gals and have a stitch & bitch washcloth party too!!! Just in time to help out with everyone's spring cleaning on the horizon... Just Sayin'

Happy Making!  

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