Friday, November 11, 2011

What I Wore- Friday 11/11/11 Metermaids Tee

 (I am trying to figure out if I should do a wrap up on Friday and take pictures in advance.  There is quite a bit of readers for this segment and I am trying to figure it out still. Comments are welcomed. I don't have an option for a photographer  during the day and I don't have a good mirror for those cell phone to mirror pics- that I don't really like anyway... So shooting in advance seems to be the best option to add some more outfits to the mix. This will be something that I put into effect next Friday so stay tuned.)
 'Yo! It's just past the last 11:11 on 11/11/11!!! What did you do to celebrate today? I have been putting the pedal to the metal and working my little fingers to the bones getting ready for Patchwork Culver City on Sunday and some wholesale orders that have to go out first thing on Monday.  I was beginning to have  a migraine today so I focused on pincushions and allowed myself to dress comfy.  My new favorite shirt to wear around the house has been this Metermaids tee.

One of the main things I have missed about NYC since I have left is the music. While living there I was into Brooklyn Hip Hop and between hip hop shows & going dancing at the bar at all hours with my friends (Not quite hittin' up  Misshapes but still out on the town) I got my fill of amazing music while in NYC.  Towards the end of me living there I got super into a band the Metermaids and I would go see them anytime, I mean ANYTIME they were playing.  Pretty much if I didn't have a good excuse like work or something extremely important I was there enjoying the music because I knew one day I wouldn't be able to see them whenever I wanted to. 

I am glad I went to all those shows - their music makes me super happy. When I first moved out here singing along in the car was the only thing that made the traffic enjoyable. I note updates and buy the CDs from afar now with the distance to get my fix. Hopefully on one trip back East there will be  a show I can catch or I have been waiting quite sometime for another West Coast tour, maybe that can happen soon too. I geeked out on my last trip to Brooklyn because while I didn't get to squeeze any concerts in, I was flipping channels at almost 3AM and their music video came on a indie music program. I Wish I knew  the name of the program at the moment but it was the middle of the night and a show that New Yorker's would know but I don't remember currently- I do however remember that it was a pretty awesome moment to stumble upon. Until another show, I'll rock the music here in Los Angeles and enjoy my new favorite T-Shirt. I got when I ordered their most recent album and it has basically been my lounge shirt since it arrived.

I found these pictures from when I first moved to LA and Kristin came to visit LA and we went down to the Prospector in Long Beach I thought I'd share:
When Kristin and I caught this Metermaids show it was  back in 2009 and she came out for a job interview while she was trying to relocate. It feels like forever ago and just yesterday at the same time. I really can't believe how fast the time has passed since I have moved out here. Kudos Kristin for all the accomplishments you have had since then!

Here are some pictures of Sentence, Swell and Domer at after the show at The Prospector: 

I feel like I should call them by their artist names, but since I worked with Mike, not Sentence and then found out about their music where he is Sentence -I still feel like that's weird when putting a tag to these pictures.  In hindsight I wonder if  the Metermaids secretly laughed at my almost Mel from Flight of the Conchords obsession once I heard their music. The Urban Outfitters I was working at in Manhattan was one of the largest grossing stores and while we worked together closing a lot I don't think I give off a vibe that this type of music is something I am really into and I was super glad I happen to have checked it out when I heard people from work were go to a show.  I really don't care what anything is labeled if I like it I like it and I just absolutely loved what was happening in Brooklyn Hip-Hop wise at the time. The best part of getting into the Metermaids was the other artist they collaborate and perform with are super dope too so going out to the shows were really enjoyable.  

It was like a transcending art documentary unfolding and the first time I saw them play and I was hooked instantly.  It was such a bizarre experience that could only happen in New York.  It was where the mix of the company/ friend I was with + the venue + the atmosphere was something I just couldn't get enough of. I love how music really can just take you there when you hear it. Those were some good times!

Now back to the present-
This morning was the first time I  had a migraine and an acupuncture appointment where I used acupuncture to treat it.  It definitely helped! I think a big part of it helping is the level of relaxation it helps me achieve if I am able to relax my mind and sink into the treatment.  Sometimes you have a session where you run through your to-do list and that is therapeutic but not as dramatic when it comes to fully helping.  Today my mind was definitely racing some so I didn't fully sink into full relaxation, but Sun (The acupuncturist I blogged about briefly here) treated my hands so good that they are feeling day and night better.  I am really enjoying Costa Acupuncture and going all last week has definitely made a huge difference in how I am feeling today. I strongly recommend checking them out.

Even if I wanted to sleep in there is a Unique LA meeting downtown at the Grammy Museum followed up by Patchwork set-up in the afternoon. I really should wrap this post up now and retire to bed so I can be rested for tomorrow.

Best wishes to everyone & thanks to all the Veterans Today on Veteran's Day!

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