Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up: Patchwork Culver City

We were able to take our time setting up Saturday  AND our booth was in a location where we could paint the wall- double bonus. :) 

Patchwork Culver City was rad yesterday! When we applied we certainly thought it would be cool, but I had no idea they were going to crank it to 11 the first time at the Helms Bakery.  Not only was this the 1st time the show came to Culver City, but it was also the first time indoors. Usually Patchwork is held outdoors under tents and thankfully with the possibility of bad weather Delilah & Nicole the co-creators/producers of the Patchwork Show were able to secure us indoors!

Here are some pictures of our booth set-up:

Even thought the space was a bit tighter than a 10'x 10' the set up was quite easy to walk around this time. I actually kinda like the indoor without walls vibe--nice and airy. We were located in the building closest to Venice Blvd. and there was three, count'em 3 buildings worth of shopping and indie vendors and fabulous finds!!!

These little hand made pillow boxes were last weeks tutorial. Wanna make them? Go here.

Note on the Fashion/ What I Wore: Kristin is wearing one of her own creations & my outfit is a vintage find.

I like to check out the other vendors and One of my all time favorites is Enchanted Leaves. I love husband and wife teams and Nedda and Aaron are an inspiring duo. They are  one of my favorite places to get presents from at the shows! I really like their concept and all of their products really make me feel like I am transported to my fantasy spot in nature where all my favorite animals and creatures come and then are displayed using fun accessories. I wanted to share a picture of their booth/ website info because their range of products could fit just about anyone on your holiday list and keep your budget intact too. 

A must to check out: The line of wooden butterflies and moths pretty, graphic and inspired by vintage entomology illustrations- they are in the bottom right bellow:

Our friends Annette and Zach stopped by which was perfect. Annette could fill in at the booth with me so that Kevin and Zach could sneak off to Father's Office for a minute. Man I wish I could have gone and gotten a Maudite at the bar since its hard to find it is totally my favorite beer. Thank goodness we live close, I'll get one another time...  

 me (kc)

We had such a fun time at the show! Best day ever filled with decorating our booth, meeting wonderful customers, seeing  friends, great shopping, topped off with some silly portraits--Yay!

Thanks again for everyone who came out and said hi! 
Best Wishes,
KC & Kevin

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