Thursday, November 10, 2011

Totally wiped out

Most of the day I spent working towards an order of bottle cap rings and the new offshoots of this product. I just finished a batch of pincushion rings, NEW pincushion magnets (as seen below), and these fun folded fabric magnets (also shown below). Each one utilizes the small scraps of fabric we have collected and leftover from other projects.  The base is a bottle cap and they all are magnets but coming up with a different way to make several variations of bottle cap magnets is pretty fun and exciting for me so I hope they are well received. The bottle cap magnets  with images shown are also new and improved for the holidays too, just don't use the fabric but do use recycled magazines and other found images ;) 

I am so happy about the magnets this year.  They are such a superior product to the ones we made before.  They have a super strong magnets and the sealant is more glass-like and way nicer.  It is always fun to see an idea get better with time and slightly different techniques.  Our magnets were always popular, but not only did I undervalue how great it was to make and sell magnets before, but I also wasn't completely satisfied with the original quality of our previous magnets.  I want to have the best product possible to offer- just because it's Eco or upcycled doesn't mean it shouldn't be quality.  The same could be said about handmade.  It should be of better quality because we took the love and care to hand make it and these magnets are a perfect example of the attention to detail that took forever to figure out when being a handmade mini factory and doing quantity of items.

Today has flown by so quickly it has practically left me dizzy! I accidentally rested my eyes for a second  and now I feel destined to retire early this evening.  Has global warming made this particular daylight savings time more difficult? Is that even possible???

Christmas orders are piling up and I may just be at the point of closing custom orders for this Holiday season.  Thankfully we are well prepared for Christmas inventory but there were some new items I had hoped would be ready when people start to think about presents. That's okay because that just means 2012 is going to be busy and eventful!

Between the orders and coordinating some exciting things we are getting into this next month, I have been on the computer a lot and my hand is cray cray.  I will keep this post short and sweet because I am limiting my computer/ phone usage into bursts rather than constantly checking and updating to relieve the pain some.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to some acupuncture early.  Also of note, my acupuncturist has a really fun Etsy Shop: Rock Paper Needles, where she makes earrings out of acupuncture needles and the little seeds.  Check it out for sure.

That's all for now ;) XOXO, KC

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