Friday, November 18, 2011

What I Wore- Friday 11/11/11 Anna Sui + Bows

Today I had my first full wedding consultation out in Chino Hills at the McCoy Equestrian Center.  Too bad I didn't dress in equestrian theme in hindsight- that could have been quite interesting. Shucks, a missed opportunity.

Pretty much this whole outfit was my main score second-hand shopping with Alisa on her last visit.  We found the jacket at the Goodwill on Santa Monica Blvd. I picked it up for Alisa and she had one similar already which was totally lucky for me. Out here in LA everyone has a fitted faux leather jacket- preferably something rocker/ motorcycle  jacket fit to mix that hard edge into your wardrobe.  It is not quite brown, not quite black which I thought would be a bad thing- instead I think it actually makes it better. Unless I am clueless and can't tell myself how drastic it sticks out on top of black, that is totally possible too-lol.

The dress an Anna Sui dress is a find from our trip to Wasteland just after I found the jacket.  On that trip I got two dresses at Wasteland that both look great with the jacket :) For more details check out the post on our shopping trip here

The overall cut is one of my favorites and I like that I can wear it un belted since I usually belt all of my outfits. When I wear it loose it makes me feel like its one of those trapeze cut artist smock-like shirt. Shout out for teaching me the beauty of belts Alessandra, this is one of my only exceptions I can wear with no definition- I would have no waist ever in my silhouette if it wasn't for you Ale`;) Looking at the pictures of myself I feel like she really deserves that shout out too because defining your waste is a big help! I'll have to try and snap a picture with a belt for next time.

The dress has this awesome retro neck line with a ruffled bib and a long skinny bow at the neck. I wish the bow could be bigger/ fatter, and it could be interesting if the color was black.  I think that would be really fun.  If you are a bow fan like me, make sure you follow my Bow board on Pinterest.

Speaking of bows, I am rocking this fun bow necklace that we also got on the trip at the Melrose Trading Post included in that blog post too. Man, I am realizing Alisa is a good luck charm. Note to self- shop 'till I can't shop no more whenever I can see her!

Well, Looks like the work flow isn't letting up until mid December.  I am going to sneak a break tomorrow to go to Breaking Dawn Part 1 with Sharon and get my hair cut. I will post some fun pictures of my hair tomorrow- I know its going to be cute because my guy is awesome ;)

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend & enjoy yourselves!

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