Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings from NC

Hi Y'all! Kevin and I made it safe and sound to my hometown Raleigh, NC today.  I am trying to adjust to the time and get my schedule situated- Let's hope it doesn't happen right as it is time to go back West!

So far today we got into town, had lunch with my Dad, checked out a super awesome beer store- Bottle Revolution, came back home and Kevin took a nap while I re-sized Pin Cushion Rings for Our Etsy Shop.

SUPER EXCITING: Our First Newsletter went out today thanks to Sharon Fain

Sharon Fain is an excellent consultant who helps small businesses, non-profits and community organizations to name a few of her many talents. I would strongly recommend her expertise for a large range of services that you can check out here.

Well, I have a Banana Bread Beer from Bottle Revolution calling my name...

We want to wish you the very best Thanksgiving tomorrow! 

Best wishes + enjoy your loved ones & some good eating ;)
XOXO, KC & Kevin

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