Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wed. 10/26/11

Man, oh man.  This evening has felt like the beginnings of autumn and it is fantastic. Earlier it was still pretty warm outside but by late afternoon a chill set in the air that makes me so happy.

Pretty much all day today was spent at either the laundromat or getting everything cleaned and put away from the last Jet Rag excursion.  It was a time suck for sure but if I want it done right it takes time.  This week I have been spending some time pining previously bookmarked web pages and the Wedding board on our Pinterest has been expanding and while this isn't a traditional wedding post- check out the wedding board for more inspiration.

Here is a glimpse at some of laundry day: 
I love how much color has been added into my wardrobe now that I am buying second hand only.  Everything is so vibrant!

Well, its pretty late- until tomorrow. XOXO, KC

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