Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things with Cans, Vampires & BatCat

Hi everyone :)  Hope you are having a good day! 

Today I have been working non-stop on our aluminum projects.  I have been working on a special order of Reinbeers that I was hoping to finish by tomorrow. Here is a picture of what a busy day "at the office" is like for me.  I was able to get (5) Reinbeer templates to a sheet of paper this go round which leaves very little paper scraps wasted. However, now that they are so close to each other on a sheet I have to take the time to cut them all out before I can use them.  I started the day filleting a round of cans we hadn't flattened yet. Then I moved on to cutting out the majority of the paper patterns before gluing them down onto the backsides of the flattened cans. Once I cut the body out of the can, I realized any leftover piece can be made into these sweet circles.

For now, I am processing the leftover can pieces into these "sequins" for lack of a better term.  The one thing I want to toot my own horn about is that we really try to use every last piece of everything we come across.  The downside however to this method of supply gathering is sometimes I have to break down the materials at a time when I really need to focus on something else.  In this instance these circles don't take that much longer, but all the time doing these "side projects" prepping everything can really add up time wise.

Wanna know my guilty pleasure/ what helps keep me making things all day?
Yep, I am lame (aka- AWESOME) and I just circulated one-by-one through my Twilight DVD's today.  I won't lie- I will probably do the same tomorrow.  The one thing I kept thinking while I was cutting the cans today is I really wished I had some "Vitamin R" aka Rainier Beer cans to make some "Rainbeers" hehehe.

Sometimes it is nice to have something on in the background that you have already watched so you're not too distracted and this is totally my go to for crafting.  I remember my first craft fair/ Christmas season with my endless playing of Twilight... It's nerdy of me- yes, but the music is  awesome and the first one is almost exactly 2 hours long.  I was able to time my day around the movie length- it was oddly helpful in task managing believe it or not.

Last weekend for Kevin's birthday party, we brought our director's chair out into the living room and have decided to leave it by the TV. I love how Gypsy has claimed it as her own. The funny thing is the TV has an "Ambilight" setting which outputs changing lights and colors on the wall and the cat goes nuts when the lighting switches up. Here she is watching Kevin play Batman Arkham City last night... She perked up when the lights got bright- so cute!

She says- My ears look like bat ears. Pay attention to me as much as you like Batman...

Kevin got a flu shot today which is making him feel a little funny, and I have been fighting an on coming migraine which is never any good- meh.  I am trying to keep a food journal now because I can't figure out why on earth I am plagued by this nasty problem. Hopefully I won't have to endure this on and off for forever, but I am going to have to call it a night and try to recover.

Until tomorrow- XOXO, KC

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