Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Art Deco Anyone??? What about Ghosts?

Two weeks ago, Alisa and I headed down to Long Beach to check out a Roller Derby shop on 4th St., and some how we found ourselves aboard the Queen Mary.

The boat is decorated with the most wonderful Art Deco attributes and has wonderful ammenities to hold special occasion events and weddings.  While I was there all I could think about was if this wasn't across the country Alessandra would really love the history that oozes out of the architecture and decor.  One thing they make a big deal about on the tour/ info was how this was one of the greatest examples of the Art Deco style, and it is totally true.

Can't you see your wonderful retro wedding here ?
The Observation Bar, 1934

 The Observation Bar, 2011

They have wonderful photos of the art deco decor for all the different rooms at the beginning of the ship tour. Too bad you can see all these lovelies in entirety- like one type of every room preserved with one of those red velvet museum ropes.

This would also be  a great place for a nautical themed wedding too! The views are amazing and the nautical touches are already in place- bonus!

What if you and your beloved are into the paranormal? This place has a wonderful history and is reported to be super haunted.  There was definitely a time where I got creeped out and screamed while we were wondering down "The Shining" hallway- but I don't think I had the pleasure to witness any real paranormal  activity. Sometimes people go for all kinds of themes-this is the perfect place for a ghostly affair :)

We had a fun time on the "Ghost Tour" and I only have pictures from this one level of the tour. On October 2nd, 1942 just past Ireland, The Queen Mary crossed paths with the HMS Curacoa ship in a tragic accident. The Queen Mary ploughed and tore right through the ship cutting the smaller ship in half. 338 of the 429 people onboard the Curacoa drowned as the Queen Mary continued... 
This section of the tour is where the boats collided.  They say the sudden loss of over 300 souls makes this area a hotbed for paranormal activity-
Before this level of the tour you go to the pool and I didn't realize you could take pictures on this tour until I saw someone else going for it... I snapped some crazy spectral light!

Here are some pool pics I found from other sites because I am kinda obsessed with it. I was hoping to find a good historical shot with some bathing beauties where you can really see all the Art Deco accents.  Historically this pool has been referenced as one of the greatest examples of the period. You can see some of the glamor on the ghost tour but it is without furniture and the pool is empty- There is a museum case kind of exhibit with some of the chairs and pictures which gives you a highlight of the decor. 

My favorite site I came across to highlight what the old styling looked like Cruising the Past is a great place to check out!
Hope you enjoy! Maybe this will prompt you to take a visit down to Long Beach to see it ;) XOXO, KC

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