Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Steel

Last week Kevin and I got to go to see Real Steel at the theater where the academy screens all their movies.
Real Steel was hands down one of the most enjoyable movies Kevin has had the privilege to work on. It was so much fun to watch  that we are planing on seeing it again  soon! While the trailers are good at showing you a taste of the main theme of robot boxing but they don't encapsulate all the emotion and fun that this movie is drenched with. It is much more Rocky-esque in the trailer (yes, there that element to the movie) but there is this wonderful modern father son dynamic that is heartwarming. I think moms would be pleasantly surprised if they tag along to this movie with the boys expecting fighting robots. Think the bit with the kid holding the keys hostage in the trailer- that is what the overall feel of the movie was like for me.

Here are some pictures of the Samuel Goldwyn theater and all the Oscar decor.

Let me know if you see it and enjoy it! XOXO, KC (and Kevin)

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