Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up 10/7- 10/9

Hi y'all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend +  enjoyed Columbus Day today!

We managed to literally not  leave our apartment all weekend after going to the Mondo Mystery Movie Night- last Friday. Our Mystery Movie was 28 Days Later & the Poster is definitely one of my favorites! It would have been cool to see the Iron Giant and get a sweet poster from Kevin Tong.  You can check out all the designs here

At first I was super nervous about what movie it was going to be because they announced that it was a double feature of horror movies and while I dig good horror movies it is generally not the genre I go for.  I think it must be my Grandma's words of wisdom resonating in me that- "There is so much bad stuff in life that why would you go out of your way to trouble yourself with more?!?"  Anyway, I love, love, LOVE Cillian Murphy  and I was super glad that it was 28 Days Later.  Gosh he's so lovely... I think he moved up to #1 on my boyfriend list and that movie would definitely be my reasoning. In fact, I would watch this movie often, it is probably my favorite modern horror flick.  The city shots of London abandoned are so crazy! I can't even imagine trying to coordinate that.  It is a great watch just for that.  BTW,  I must admit I watched I Am Legend before seeing 28 Days Later and I never read Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same name, YET I am amazed that I Am Legend was made after 28 Days Later. I will be brief since Kevin picks on me saying I should focus on crafts and leave the movies to him-Lol. Seriously though, watch this movie for Halloween if you haven't seen it.

While we were home this past weekend Kevin cut a ton of address book pages that I spent the afternoon hole-punching and sorting them out with covers. We were able to get the first batch of Reinbeers done.  I was back and forth working with him on the projects and getting the pincushions set into a batch of rings. Today, I spent way to much time pinning on Pinterest.  I really enjoy finding all the great projects and inspiration on other people's boards! Check out our boards here to see all the new pins.  Today was crazy though, the day got away from me. I looked up one moment and it was 6PM- CRAZY!  I am hoping tomorrow will be equally productive. 

Hope everyone had a super productive and/or relaxing Holiday today :)  XOXO, KC

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