Thursday, September 22, 2011

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp (round 2)

(Beckie and I finally meeting this summer in Brooklyn)

Today is the first week for this years Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp.  I am so exciting for this upcoming holiday season, and I am mostly excited because of this Boot Camp! Last year I met my friend Beckie from BZB Designs when I was picking my Boot Camp Buddy. Meeting her has been such a blessing.  It is really nice to have someone to not only motivate you but to help get critiques and helpful insight for your shop.

You are in plenty of time to get on the bandwagon and do the boot camp too, today is the first day.  First things first, go to this lovely starting post from Danielle at Etsy- Holiday Boot Camp: A Flying Start. When you are on the forum for your boot camp buddy my biggest advise is to look though some shops ask yourself:

Where do they live? 
I picked a buddy out of state because I thought that it would make a great way to cross-promote and help each other out.  With our distance we both know different resources and are able to keep each other in the know of things I may have missed out on with someone closer to home.

Does their style or their voice inspire you?
If you don't like what your potential buddy is making- they might not be a good fit.  Sometimes we all are in the dumps and need a pick-me-up and it is nice to have a friend/ partner that can reassure and motivate you.  I loved Beckie's style immediately and it is super great that both of us are into re purposing items.

Are you at around the same place in your knowledge of Etsy?
If this is your 3rd Holiday selling on-line you will have a completely different knowledge and know-how of Etsy compared to someone who has never listed an item but is pumped to get going.  This can lead to an uneven relationship and you may not make it until the Holiday as a team.  My suggestion if someone asks you to be your buddy ask a few questions to make sure your goals and knowledge lines up.

Make sure you weigh the fit before you pick your buddy. While motivating each other through Etsy Sucess- you will probably turn out to be amazing friends in the process! True story- It happened to us.

Well, I read over all the materials and printed off my to-dos.  Week 1 of Boot Camp, here I come :)

Good luck on your Boot Camp journey!!!  


PS: Beckie, I am so excited!

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