Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my day in a list

Sometimes I'd like to just post my life in list form... I have decided today is the day I am gonna just do it :)

  • Woke up
  • Did dishes
  • Gathered up the mail/ bills and sent them  with Kevin to mail
  • Got Kevin off to work
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Watched last half of Breaking Bad (episode 2)  over coffee
  • Cleaned out my tote bag from Hello Etsy
  • Organized business cards/ contacts
  • Cleaned out/ organized my purse
  • Straightened up living room
  • Kitty Box- 'nuff said
  • Worked on address books
  • Realized there was some organizing needed for the pages to the books
  • Started making dividers to keep the pages separated
  • Walked to Trader Joe's
  • Got groceries
  • Lady at the check out told me I was super nice :)
  • Saw Ty Burrell from Modern Family and his adorable baby going to TJ's
  • Walked home
  • Transferred part of the pictures from my external hard drive
  • Checked email
  • Started this post...
  • Cleaned up the studio some- mostly putting things away finally
  • Got distracted
  • Got a phone call from a friend-
  • Walked to her place
  • Walked with her and her dog to the bank and back
  • Started making dinner
  • Watched old episodes of Hell's Kitchen while eating
  • Did some dishes/ partial clean-up
  • Stopped the episode and talked off and on with Kevin
  • Finished up  watching and came to blog again :)
From here I will probably try to watch more Breaking Bad but I am so beat! It's not even 10 o'clock here and I am exhausted!  

I did my post in list form today- A) Just because I am still trying to shake things up and see what works best for me [(and my readers, most of whom probably don't care about this- come to think of it)] and B) I have been contemplating doing one of those 30-Day Challenges and working that into my posts somehow?.. C) I have been trying to figure out the best way of recording my knowledge/ journal making/ record keeping of thoughts & process: both business and personal.  The problem lies in the fact that I can't ask me from 2 years from now what info I should be recording for prosperity.***

Sometimes I think what can you say in just a line a day diary? When I look back and read a line of deep thought or transcending nugget of wisdom, sometimes over the years  you forget the emotion behind it.  Heck sometimes you don't even know what the hell you meant to say.  Where is the feelings? What did you actually do that day? I may revisit this idea of just putting my day out in list form if only because it makes me feel like I accomplished so much! Even with a relatively non-eventful, normal Wednesday :) But, until I figure out what I like I am going to change myself to do the one line a day diary- from tomorrow until the end of the year. Starting off it will be  a challenge to come up with a line of text that tells you a small snippet of what the day, including context/ added insights  and maybe even amazing revelations of the day!  Then who knows, maybe I will be ready for a 365 day challenge!!!

***Sometimes I wish life was like in The Big Bang Theory when they are signing the roommate contract and one of the clauses is if one of them discovers time travel they must come back to just after this moment and tell them they discovered time travel- So, they take a moment to wait for their future selves (I won't spoil it and say if they do or not in case you haven't seen the show.) I just wish I could have a moment to speak to the future me for wisdom!

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