Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking a bite outta the big apple

One of my favorite things about New York City is the fantastic views! There is part of me that likes feeling so small beneath the large buildings- even from a high up view like this!!! But, I think the main part of being in the city that makes everything seem possible.  When you look around at massive buildings and endless neon it inspires a person to dream big.

One of my favorite things to explore and enjoy in the city is all the culinary treasures.  As mush as I would think there would be a ton of urban farming in Los Angeles there is nothing quite as exciting as a good roof top garden.  Alisa Bayes, one of my good friends, and fellow Eco-Crusader gave us a tour of her roof top garden deep amidst the financial district.

Alisa is lucky enough to have access to this wonderful roof top to begin her hand at gardening all organic.  She has had some help collecting industrial bins and bringing up the soil which I am sure was interesting with the walk-up  to the roof.  She was also able to find out that there is clean and viable water that is completely safe excreted from the a/c unit that she can utilize as well as rain water to keep her tomatoes and herbs hydrated and well hydrated.

Ale` and I's (multiple) Trip to Tom's

In the middle of this picture (on left) is one of my favorite staples of my favorite eatery in Brooklyn.  Gus, the man in the picture was one of my favorite people at my favorite restaurants- Tom's Restaurant in Brooklyn.  I still remember my first time to Tom's and meeting Gus.  The patriarch who's warm smile and polite disposition made waiting in line even in the snow enjoyable and comforting.  The atmosphere transforms me back into the wonderful community I grew up with in the South.  Main difference, things like the Cherry Lime Ricky and egg creams that can only be found up north.  The menu item that I will endlessly crave into eternity is their Crab Cakes Florentine! Getting these amazing crab cakes are definitely my  #1 food priority while in NYC.
(The picture above on the right goes along with the video below... It is a view over Alessandra's shoulder of her stoop while we wait in line for breakfast.)
I really wish I hadn't captured this video sideways :( This video is us leaving Tom's Restaurant and heading to Alessandra and Paul's place.  Back in the day before I left Brooklyn, Alessandra and I used to find any opportunity to spend a Saturday morning at my favorite brunch spot.  When she told me she and Paul moved so close I had no idea just how close they really are. Its the best apartment ever!!!  The only thing better than getting some great time with Alessandra is spending a wonderful morning breakfast with her at Tom's every day- 3 times!!! So good :)

Tom's was once closed on Sunday, but now you can have the pleasure of eating there 7 days a week- just make sure you bring $ CASH $ it is cash only and open only for breakfast & lunch.  It is a short walk to Tom's to/from the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  My suggestion for a good time- schedule a trip that involves at least two of them ;)

More trip details from NYC soon ;)

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