Friday, July 29, 2011

Catching Up after a Summer Hiatus

WOW! So much has been going on since the last post, and I hate it that some how the blog has been neglected during the flux! 
(This picture has nothing to do with this post- I just really liked this random melon Jessica and I got at Sprouts last week)

I was quite surprised to see how many new followers we have gained even with the void of posting!
I would like to thank everyone for hanging in there and waiting for the posts to pick back up- We will be in full swing from August leading up to the Holidays :)  

Call it summer vacation, or a temporary hiatus- but for the last bit Kevin and I have definitely been regrouping and taking stock.  I could list a ton of things- excuses, but that is pointless and kinda whiny :/  (One thing I would like to point out as illustrated above- Gypsy has proven to be quite a handful.  She very much likes to squeeze into tiny and dangerous spaces which can lead to breaking things and causing general chaos.  Good thing she is super cute and funny while doing it! Very distracting however...)

What I will say is that we are very excited for the hard work to come.  We are very passionate about handmade goods & artisans as well as the most important thing- The Environment :) 
It is super important for us to share helpful tips and insights we find while on our journey to promote and absorb as much as possible, bettering ourselves and our community. 

I finally got a new PC and hopefully we can get everything going- The first step to being more diligent with posting! Mass information regurgitation will start up next week on the blog as well as shared on Facebook and Twitter- Please "Like" us and/or follow for a wide range of fun and helpful info.  

Here's hoping that everyone is having a wonderful summer & that y'all have a super weekend!!!

Best Wishes

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