Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi guys! I would blog on the SCAD + Etsy = LOVE blog today, but I don't have too much to report back on that front.  We have been really busy with our Team EcoEtsy duties and I am really loving the communication with everyone on both teams on the discussion boards and e-mails.  I am finding that being a member of these teams is really encouraging when you need feedback or have questions  about materials/processes.  I totally suggest to everyone to become a member of a team that interests you for a super helpful place for resources.

The weekend is fast approaching and I have been getting things in order today.  I can't believe I will be on a plane Sunday back to North Carolina! Kevin and I have made our Unique LA countdown list and I have yet to fully cross anything off yet.  We have a lot of birthdays going on right now, which is keeping us busy.  Between plans tomorrow night to go out birthday celebrating and Kevin going with some work friends to a concert I feel like the weekend has no room for working. Lets not even forget about Easter!!! Gosh- can't wait for my trip for some R&R :)

Kevin is hoping that the fan for my computer may be the reason it isn't working.  I am finishing up dinner now and then he is going to dissect the computer and try it out.  Hopefully I will be making sticker tags and printing off everything we need finished up for our Unique displays.  Then I can cross that off my list and start the weekend off right ;)

I am super excited for Earth Day tomorrow!!! Hope everyone has an amazing day tomorrow :)

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