Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Yippee For FRIDAY!!! Plus, It is EARTH DAY and Good Friday- Even better!
What did everyone else do today for Earth Day? Or Good Friday?  I wonder if there are places doing a super combo of the two today- that would be awesome!!!
 I made sure to take some time today to go out and soak up some sun. The biggest bummer for my computer being out is that I can't use our SLR at the moment.  I am going to have to either put the software on the laptop or wait until we get the new computer before I can utilize some new pictures.  We found out that the new iMac is about to come out so now is not the best time to buy one... 
Back on topic- While on the walk I got some new pictures of the Seed Paper Tags that can be found at our booth at Unique LA.  As seen in the above picture, we have made them in the shape of California  and the seeds on this variety grow flowers that attracts butterflies. 

I have been finishing up cleaning and organizing the house for my trip and I got out my luggage today.  Tomorrow I have some errands and then I have to make sure to start printing out business cards.  I hope that I get on the computer some this next week and can post and check e-mail, but my mom doesn't have the internet... (I know right! It is the truth.  I am supposed to give her some computer lessons while home so that she can get on the internet for e-mail,Lol)

Fingers crossed that I can make it all week being so far from Kevin :( It is going to be a long week not doing my regular routine plus not seeing everyone/ my husband is going to be tough.

Best Wishes to all!

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