Thursday, May 5, 2011

So, obviously I have totally messed up my internal clock.  I woke up wide awake tonight at 3AM like I had slept for days- ughhh!  It was really great going home last week to help out my mom and I stayed up all week trying to keep myself on West Coast time so that the transition wouldn't be too bad, guess my planning while it seemed to make sense wasn't too helpful.

Kevin wrapped on the 3rd Transformers movie last week and is off of work until June.  It has been really great coming home to him being off work so we can spend some time together!  Between hanging with him and working on everything for Unique LA this weekend I feel like I can't find time to break away and blog...

I am really glad I made a plan to go home to help my mom because she sugar coated her car accident last month.  My mom got hit on the highway by a drunk-driver who had already lost his license.  She was able to crawl out of the wreckage with minimal injury which I am so grateful for!!!  Between the wreck and the fact that she is in a trailer in that horrible weather it was good being home knowing my mom is doing okay. 

I would like to take a second to think about all the families that weren't so lucky in the devastation caused by the tornadoes. I know that I should have a healthier respect for earthquakes, but I have lived with the hurricanes and tornadoes and those things don't play around.  We would like to share our deepest sympathy to everyone effected by this tragedy.

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