Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- St. Patty's + Party Decorations *Green*

The fashion gig I have in Silver Lake is turning into a bit more of an endeavor than I had hoped and I wish I could blog and keep up and do all the sewing at the same time :(  It is a learning curve figuring how to juggle all these things.  If I could blog while I am stuck on the 10 Hwy.  I would be in good shape!  I think if I could dictate the blog via my speaker phone it would be less dangerous than the chick behind me yesterday plucking her eyebrows as we were stop and go-
yup, true story!

Anyway, that project has rolled into tomorrow and I really want to get in some time for the SCAD Team blog so hopefully I can get a full day in early.  Beckie and I are having a pow-wow/phone conference too because I am sad to report we didn't make it into Renegade in Brooklyn :(  

Tomorrow we'll chat and see if possibly she will be down to apply with me to the Los Angeles leg of the fair in July in replace of the NY one.  Fingers crossed either way that I can get into the LA show- I am getting nervous.  One reason why it has been hard to get sucked into all of these samples is because there is so many things on my to do before the LA applications close.  I am having a lot of fun working with my friend Kristin on the fall/winter line of the company she works with.  More details to come after all of their fashion shows... I can't post pictures until after it's over.  Besides the driving and the daunting amount of work they have  that needs to be finished by Monday I am really enjoying myself.  Some weird circumstances may have brought on the extra work, but I  love sewing and making all these fun clothes with Kristin :)

My pics for the day can spruce up any party from here to summer.  I personally love clovers for more than St. Patty's day probably because the first house I grew up in had a HUGE clover patch that I spent most of my spring/ summers in!  Between the clovers and the daffodils I am torn between my more favorite spring elements.  Maybe the next treasury I will do will be yellow with daffodils...

Off to catch some ZZZs...


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