Monday, March 21, 2011

Coming Up This Week: March 21st-25th

Howdy Y'all!!! I am so exhausted from last week!!! It was super exciting to have a full week with some amazing tasks- but wowzas!

This weekend Kevin and I didn't get too much work around the house done, but we were able to pick out some sweet chairs that were delivered this morning. I have always been a fan of Mid-Century Modern furniture and I am super excited to have a set of wonderful Milo Baughman chairs to start off our collection!!!

 (image courtesy of Mid-Century Living)
While I was doing research on Baughman and other key points to this style, I came across a new blog I can't wait to keep up with.  Mid-Century Living (where the above picture is featured) did a great post here on Milo Baughman.  I wish we could have gotten our tangerine chairs at as good of a deal as the above chair was found :( But, our chairs can get some good mileage out of the previous tangerine upholstery before needing to reupholster the set.

I finally got everything off in the mail to my Mother-in-law for our taxes. Fingers crossed that the government will go easy on us and we get a good return! We really need a car that can drive in the rain here. The weather was particularly harsh yesterday and the rain was rolling down the inside of our apartment starting early in the day.  I am going to have to get the building managers to check it out because the paint is bubbling and chunks came down from the upper loft window in our living room.  Thankfully the window and leak are across the sliding door to our porch so there is nothing else there to get ruined.

We have a big push now to update our pictures on Etsy and Facebook so we can get everything tailored for our Renegade Los Angeles applications currently going on.  Now that we have been accepted into Team Eco Etsy there are a bunch of changes and updates to tweak and I am super excited to have a comfy chair to sit back and do some major computer work on :)

Finally, This weekend is our first paid wedding gig down in Orange County.  I am so excited and can't wait to see how amazing Jennie & Samuel's wedding shapes up this Saturday!!! I will be headed down to the OC on Thursday for their rehearsal and last minute details for me to execute during their wedding.
Above is the outside of the invitations Jennie created for her big day.  She gave me a helpful tip to keep in mind- she used metallic hot glue stick with the press to create the perfect wax seal for the envelope. Super great tip! Thanks Jennie!!!

Time to crank this ship into high gear!


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