Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Friday @ FIDM (Pictures)

Here are some of the awesome pictures from Friday.  It has been nice to shake things up and work on some different projects :)

Well, without further introduction- 
A peek at Tricia's "Carnival Del Rio" Costumes:
 She inspired me so much with her amazing shoe embellishments! These shoes above were purchased for ~$15! Of course the Swarovski crystals add some overhead to the cost, but the finished product is by far priceless.  I helped mask off the areas that are still snakeskin and she painted the shoe top and bottom purple.  While we were downtown she picked up additional crystals to ombré out from the shown crystal heel into lighter purple crystals over the black area.

The first layer is placed and screen-printed after we pinned down the kite fabric.  Tricia ombré dyed and sewed the silk kite last week without me, and I am tickled how it came out!
 Scary! Seriously though, I used my background in stencil cutting to cut out some of the key elements in Mylar.  Last week I mapped out some of the main motifs off an enlarged paper print off from her original design onto the Mylar.  It wasn't too difficult to cut everything out with an X-acto knife once I Sharpied out the design. A big plus for using the Mylar was that it isn't as fragile as some other materials and we were able to get some good results with it.  

Tricia deep in thought over the top of the kite...
You can see all of my great stencils placed above.  We used spray adhesive on the back of the Mylar so that the dye wouldn't spread anywhere it shouldn't wander.  The control we were able to get with just a few tools is really amazing!

By the end of the day the colors and line work brought the kite alive and you can really see her "Carnival Del Rio" inspiration shine threw!!!

Don't worry, while we worked hard, we still managed to take a break and eat an amazing lunch at Market. If you are Downtown and need a great place to stop off for a great take on comfort food, coffee, or deserts (did we mention one of the Chef was spotted on Cupcake Wars?!?!)  Market, bellow the Cooper Design Space is the spot to go!  They make these in house pita chips (above) that are to die for!!!! Yummy!

Well, I am off to drop off some packages, send some faxes, then off to Silver Lake for a busy day! 


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