Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming Up This Week: Busy Week until the Irish FUN

Springing forward is awesome... but did anyone else feel like they didn't get to everything today with the time change??? I will be blaming my late post on the disruption to my internal clock-

Anyway, tomorrow and Wednesday I will be off location working on more fashion work.  It is kinda funny to me that I was only released by my orthopedist almost two weeks ago and I was able to find a short gig already! I must have mad sewing skills-lol. So, I will be working cutting and sewing samples for a company's Nashville Fashion Week's line that is fast approaching.  I am not %100 on what I am allowed to disclose yet so I will have to keep y'all posted...

Last Friday I had my big Downtown LA day. I was woken up extremely early by Kevin's Mom and my Dad calling to make sure we were safe with the Tsunami warnings . I was glad that I was going to be downtown in case the ocean swelled across Venice, but I don't think we saw anything out of the ordinary.  It didn't seem like much happened by the time the waves reached Hawaii and the Pacific Northeast.   My thoughts  and prayers go out to the people in Japan.  Watching the videos Friday morning was super scary!   

Our day downtown consisted of Tricia and I hand-painting and screen printing a giant kite for the FIDM Fashion Debut this Friday. I went to town making dye pastes and secretly soaking up all the studio amenities- I was quite impressed by the FIDM studio(s)!   I can't wait to see the "glitz and tits" (as they jokingly poke fun at the showgirl's costumes) highlighted by Tricia's millions of Swarovski crystals on her flashy costumes. 

Between the work I have for the next couple of days, a very lengthy questioner for the Biola University students we are working with, and topped off with everyday life, my schedule is fuller than I could have imagined. So far the stress isn't getting to my shoulder... I have paced myself well. However, my hand isn't doing 100% so I will try to get some posts together so there isn't a gap in posting... 


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