Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The VES Awards Last Night

We had such an amazing time last night!! I am having a bit of a rough morning because the food was set with no options and I ate things in hindsight may have been the wrong idea :(  Oh well, it was totally worth it!

The society and awards show is global so some of the guests traveled to come out for the evening. Everyone enjoyed mingling and having cocktails while a silent auction went on before the awards ceremony.  We had so much fun getting dressed up and going out!  We got to chat with a fun Brit who ended up winning an award for Harry Potter, and Kevin recognized one guy who one an award from his time at SCAD. Cool, huh? 

I was totally glad that not only I made my dress but that I made something really fashionable and stylish checking out range of dresses. There were some amazingly dressed ladies and I look forward to one day beefing up my outfit for future outings. On the other end of the spectrum I dress nicer going out with friends than some people were dressed too. Overall the nerves were unnecessary and the evening was awesome!

I love listening to the speakers and trying to further soak up all the crazy things Kevin  could spend hours explaining to me. Peter Jackson sent in a hilarious video of when he was younger trying to battle a skeleton for the tribute to Ray Harryhausen. Patton Oswolt hosted  and the presenters had a great sense of humor which made for a super fun time. Plus the producer lady on all of the Aliens Anthology Blu-Ray I gave Kevin for Christmas was there handing out awards for a bit too :)

We were so blessed that Kevin got nominated but weren't surprised that Inception won all the awards that it was nominated for.  Christopher Nolan won a visionary award  so there was a sweet highlight reel from all of his movies with every pulse quickening moment. Mix that with the table behind us who all had enough to drink that it sounded like a sports game behind us and it equals out into a fun time.

We participated in our first silent auction last night and we won this AH-MAZING Tron Poster! It is signed by Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and Olivia Wilde. Best part is it is framed and ready to be hung up tonight :) There was a True Blood one I really, really wanted, but it was a stretch to bid on the one. I can't wait to have a super awesome memorabilia collection one day. Since the proceeds were going to the VES maybe I should have bid on it... maybe next time! 


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