Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sometimes it is crazy to think about how the computers importance and value in our daily lives has shifted and influenced our processes as a creative person.  My process of making starts with seeing, collecting and reflecting on items or themes to connect everything into a new idea.  One of my most tailored skills for my working process is documenting and researching things I like. Now I feel like one of the first places I start to look around is online.

I hate that there is something like the internet that can be obtrusive to your personal life yet can't live life without.  Isn't that concept crazy?!?!? What if we as a country had a government like Egypt and they just turned the main switch for the internet on us? I think we would go cannibalistic. More and more in my adult life I feel my non-conformist streak bubble up inside of me and turns into a nicer than not version of upset. I feel like "the rules" in life are getting longer, and longer each year and with every little closed door avenue behind the scenes of the internet is being decided but not by the people.   

Am I just sounding ridiculous? How often do you check a box and agree to stuff without reading everything??? When will all that come to a head and bite us in the butt?

Today I finally caught up on the Biz Ladies section on Design Sponge and I feel like I should share the links to those who missed it rather than a tutorial. 

The part that they spelled out from the Altitude Design Summit in Utah on credit and photo usage is a tough conundrum to me.  I personally will link and give credit to send people along the way to these peoples sites when I blog. Ultimately  however, finding inspirational pictures and contacting someone before putting that up... I don't think I have the capacity and time line for that.  One day I will have an in-box full of submissions or I will have more interesting weekends to document- but what until then?

When does one go from a hobby blog where everything is peachy to post and re post and everyone does it to serious shit? My favorite working process is collecting images form magazines, books or taking snapshots and working them into a process notebook or journal.  I feel like blogs have shifted into today's artist notebooks and relaying your inspiration to the people you inspire and it is a helpful way of getting people to the end destination.  I miss just printing off reference images just because you like remembering/ looking at them. Items and tangible things were so minimal that people just coveting your ideas were so emotionally fulfilling that was the end goal. I have such a crazy fear of offending people that it makes me feel like I can't share things on my blog a bit.  Totally not trying to sound dismal; more reflective. Hmmmmm.

I don't have to long before I have to get ready for the awards show tonight.  I am sure I will resonate on this one for a bit...


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