Monday, January 31, 2011

This week is starting off AWESOME!

The dress is finally finished!!! I am so excited first off that it is finished. And secondly, I feel the biggest sense of accomplishment finishing the first big sewing project since my shoulder accident. I am juggling catching up on the computer and packaging Etsy orders from the weekend. We are hoping to fill up our shop and start on our spring inventory.  Getting more involved online is just making it that much more exciting to meet small goals.

Here is my dress for tomorrow night's Visual Effects Society Awards Show. I spread out across the carpet in the living room to cut the pieces out. I took my time over two days to cut it while I was working on other projects and watching Dawson's Creek.  Lame, I know... But I never saw it before and I really enjoyed it! It was kinda depressing how nice it was that we didn't have a pet and I could let it sit out :( But it was a blessing to be able to spread it out. I did have to purchase fabric for this dress due to the length and I didn't want to make my first project back too hard.  But I figure the fact that I made it, not some factory that is across the globe adding a significant carbon foot print to get to me- that's totally acceptable within the rules I set for myself.
Either my living room is wayyyy to small, or my dress is longer than you would expect because the whole length didn't fit across the room.  I had to roll it out and scoot it up and lay it out again to make everything fit!

Above is a picture from my progress on Friday. I got the front and back facings done and made the sash.  

Saturday I thought would progress quicker but the pockets took longer than I expected. Can we say "Heck yeah there are pockets!!!"

Sunday I worked on the sleeves and then it  will basically be done.  Each piece is faced or finished as you go so lining up the front of the dress with the sleeve and flipping the facing took some patience, but overall everything went super smoothly.

 Kevin took a quick picture yesterday when I was finally able to put it on.  The front and back are held together by the sleeves so I wasn't able to see what it would fit like until I was pretty much finished.  

*It is crazy how light the color looks in the flash! It is a deep almost black-violet , navy. I must relay this to Alessandra for her bridesmaid dress colors because she needs to keep that in mind for pictures vs. in person.
Ta-Dah! A Floor length navy dress with cut-outs on the shoulders and sashes at the waist for fit. Now I have to just press/ steam our outfits and get everything ready for the Awards Show tomorrow :)  I promise to get some good shots of our fabulous attire for the evening!

This is the first big sewing project I have tried since my accident/ surgery and while I am not feeling amazing- I am able to get it done slowly but surely. It is totally reassuring that as long as I pace myself I am able to get more stuff done. I really would like to join in on the Spring Palette Challenge started by Collette Patterns, but I am not sure if I am totally up for it. Collette Patterns makes amazing sewing patterns and has a wonderful blog with sewing tips I love to follow. 

The Sewing challenge is simply stating your inspiring palette for Spring, then you sew a tiny wardrobe based on that palette. You choose the color palette including number of colors you want to use, and the pieces/items you plan to sew. The palette can be based around fabrics you already have which is perfect for me. I am behind however because the challenge is 10 weeks long ending the last week of March so I have a bit to catch up on. After working on my dress I am really inspired to make a challenge submission for myself!  I am really enjoying sewing my clothes!!!  I will let you know if I decide to submit ;)

Off to the post office to ship orders!

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